Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mating Damselflies

In the Heleocharis yokoscensis bush grow on the beach of General Pond there were many dragonflies and damselflies. I spent some time on recording their love process. They connected each other tightly to make a heart-shaped circle and fliy together.

Both damselflies and dragonflies live in water when they are young. So they have to lay their eggs on the plants or stones underwater. Maybe the long tail (the abdomen) can help them to lay eggs deeply. The male flies may even push their wifes totally in the water by their long abdomen to reach a deeper place (click here or here to see pictures, unavailable in Firefox) .

Place: General Pond (map)


  1. This is so amazing!i've learn so much from ur blog..about the grass hoppers and so on..thank you sooooooooo much..=)

  2. These are really excellent pictures Mingfei. Recording mating patterns and habits or life cycles of insects is one thing I really enjoy doing.

  3. RE:Wind Walker...
    You're welcome. Thanks for you kind words!