Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bike Tour - Bashang Grassland Ⅰ

Bashang is the area on the border of Heibei and Inner Mongolia. The vast extented temperate grassland there is paradise for shutterbugs, especially for those who live in Beijing.

You might have known that I’m an amateur in photography and bicycle. I was watching a map when the idea that going to Bashang Grassland by bicycle hit me. Soon I began to collect information about the travel. I benefited a lot from people who had already achieved it and put their stories on internet. I made my own route and schedule. Then I found An bo and Hu Chu as my partners.

Our final destination was Ulanbutong, or Hongshan Army Horse Ranch, located in Inner Mongolia, far away from Beijing. Actually, that was the first time for all of us to ride such a long distance——over 500km!Facing the great challenge, what we have to do was plenty of preparation, such as equipments, medicine, tools, etc. Before setting off, we made a short distance ride to Shidu as train. Well, after that, Hu Chu gave up. That having no any experience of distant riding made him tired out.

After a month’s preparation, An Bo and I set out on July 5, 2008. In the following 12 days, we rolled 1,100km, crossed Beijing, Heibei and Inner Mongolia. The following are figures of the tour.

Date: July 5, 2008-July 16, 2008

Route: Beijing-Huairou-Fengning-Datan-Duolun-Yudaokou-Jixielinchang-Ulanbutong-Jixielinchang-Weichang-Chengde-Luanping-Gubeikou-Miyun-Huairou-Beijing

TRIP DIST (km): 1123.3 TRIP TIME: 62:44 AVG. SPEED: 17.90 MAX. SPEED: 62.42

And I have to say THANK YOU to all “Sunnys” for your help and advices.

I’m sorry I cannot continue today because writting in my awkward English is really a hard work…

I'll finish it in several days, thanks for reading…

More About the Trip

Bike Tour - Bashang Grassland Ⅰ
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  1. Your english is excellent Mingfei. I hope you post a lot more about this trip especially what you saw along the way. It sounds fascinating. It was a very long trip though. I would never be able to do it on a bicycle (do you mean bicycle or motorbike?) but only by walking or a motor bike.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Joan. The trip was achieved on bicycles, not notorbike. Haha, sounds great? I'm so proud of myself.