Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I’ve Lost my Bike…

Well, it happened last night when I finished my microbiology experiment class.

A lot of people do had warmed me that bikes are very likely to be stolen in campus and wanted me to put it in the bike shed so that someone could look after it. But I didn’t, for the shed is far from my dormitory.

Now it’s time for me to regret, but useless. If only there were Ctrl+Z in my life…

Due to my own fault, I want to punish my self: stopping ridding any bikes for any reason before May!

Thinking of buying a new one? NO WAY until you got a score of more than 600 in CET-6 test and scholarship more than 600RMB! What if I have satisfied these conditions but 600RMB is not enough to buy a bike? Just go on winning more scholarship in the following year to make up for it!

She had been my faithful companion for a year and a half with a total distance of 2500km.


  1. Oh no Mingfei, what a great loss!! I am so sorry to hear it. I cannot understand how people can take something which does not belong to them. :(

  2. This is the real society, more complicated than the nature we care about. Well, I have to study harder now and spend less time on internet. But I won't stop updating this blog. I can also practice my English while recording my daily life and sharing photos.

  3. Your english is excellent Mingfei. Although you must work harder now, a person also need some relaxation and this blog is a good way to relax from the stress of life.

  4. Thank you joan but you should know that it is possible for me to take ten minutes or more to write down such a short comments...there are still many words I have to look up in dictionaries. Maybe I know a word but don't how to use in expression or not sure if I have used it correctly. Anyway I won't give up.