Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grassland Flowers 3: Papaver nudicaule Linn.

Papaver nudicaule is another species spreading wildly on grassland. They all in bright yellow, catching people’s eyes. Papaver nudicaule’s Chinese name is wild poppy. It is highly similar to the world famous opium poppy, another member of genus Papaver. Of course wild poppy also can be used for making drug or anesthetic medecine, but not productive. So they are cultivated only as ornamental.

Family: Papaveraceae
Genus: Papaver

Place: Datan Grassland (map) Reference:


  1. These are beautiful pictures of the poppy Mingfei. You have a wonderful DOF on them. They are such a simple flower and yet so pleasing to the eye.

  2. Thanks Joan. To be honest I care not too much about DOF because I use a pocket digital camera, which often provides a relatively deeper DOF than a SLR. I care more about the exposure and composition.

  3. Such things are not important to me either altough it does seem to be the trend nowdays. I want to take a picture to show people and do not care much about being professional.