Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bike Tour - Bashang Grassland Ⅴ

Day7: July 11, Jixielinchang-Weichang, 80km

Time flies, today we would leave the beautiful Grassland and arrive at Weichang County——back to the “First Stair” again. However, I was not satisfied with what we’ve seen. So before we set off, I get up early while An Bo was still sleeping. I rode alone the road that we rolled yesterday until the Source of Luanhe River. The air was not very clear, but the forest was peaceful in the morning fog.

Flowers carpeted on the forest ground

Peaceful morning picture

the sunrise

There were huge amount of hungry huge mosquitos in the pine forest. They bit on my arm even I was dressed in a long-sleeve autumn coat and full of essential balm! Maybe I was the only mammal they could found here…

I hope it could help me to destory some mosquitos…


The following pics were taken on our way to Weihang County.

forest lane

The birch forest

birch trees

Here must be more beautiful in autumns

This is another steep slope, fortunately, it’s only 1km

Horses were drinking at Moon Lake

Moon Lake is another resort for city vacationers

A lovely deer. Local people use it as prize to attract visitors to play their “easy to win” games.

Poor deer, where is your mother?

Trollius chinensis is a kind of famous flower on grassland.

The Saihan Tower, located top in this region. There was also a Saihan Temple nearby, which is said to be the smallest temple recognized by Kangxi Emperor.

The Jixielinchang is the name of this forest farm. “Jixie” means mechanical and suggests that the forest was aerial planted

some local specials of Saihanba

The portal of Saihanba National Forest Park. Actually, we entered the park from its back gate. Now it’s time to say good-bye to Bashang.

Day8: July 12, Weichang-Chengde, 140km

Today’s journey was the longest amoung the daily trips. An Bo was exciting. His families were waiting him to back home. Yes, he’s a Chengde guy. The day became sunny again. I kept dreaming of taking marvelous pictures on grassland under such blue sky and white clouds…

scenery on the way

Although the distance was the longest, we rode very fast. In the afternoon, when we arrived at the foot of a 4km slope, An’s father suddenly appeared. Following his motorbike, we soon reached the top. The last gift was a 30km slope to Chengde. “ I’m Home!!!!”, An Bo disappeared in a rush.

7:30, we had sat in a Chengde’s restaurant, enjoy our gee feast with An's parents. I took a comfortable bath and lived in An’s home. Chengde is famous for its Summer Resort. What a cool night!

Now An Bo had completed his journey, but another 200km to Beijing was still waiting for me…

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  1. What an adventure Mingfie. These pics are just so stunning. Really you are a true professional photographer. Cheers. :D

  2. Nice to meet you again, Nishant. Thanks for your praise. Actually my equipment is poor—only a outdated sony portable DC. There are countless great photographer in the world. I'm nothing compared with them. What I did was just to know well of my camera and make most of it to record what I've seen true.