Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be Interested in CHINA?

If you’re interested in my nation, here I strongly recommend you Discover China, three books written by Agang after his 500 day’s China tour. More than 3,000 pictures truely recorded the 31 cities and provinces of China mainland. You won’t have any difficulties in reading, because the books were published in both Chinese and English.

You may click here to read in the author’s blog, or click here to read English version directly, or click here to view his photoblog web album.

You can also search "Discover China Agang" or "走遍中国 阿纲" on Google.

The following are original descriptions of the books.

The author Agang, started his journey in September of 2005. During his 500 days’tough journey, he has gone through 31 provinces of China and taken more than 10 thousands photos(3240 chosen photos)and written over 170 thousands words as well.

Providing a lot of information about unknown geography, landscapes as well as humanities, this book can be a good travel guide for people to tour those places with original cultures and customers. At the same time, it can give lots of reference to the photographers, because the large photos in this book all reserve the original dates of photographing.

In addition, the most value part of this book lays in that the author hold the transcendent idea of “when taking photography, freedom can be got if one do not take photographing as a kind of art.” He took a lot of photos, which reflect the honesty, the kindness as well as the beauty of Chinese people. The rich photos with humorous or sharp words give readers a wonderful reading experience, that is, they can feel the uncover trueness and unfettered freedom of those places and those people.

The 500-day journey is a very tough one; the author and his team have overcome numerous difficulties and frustrations. Actually, it is a journey only people who have confidence and courage can make it. The author of this book,deviated from the mainstream values in order to break the traditional value bound in people’s mind.

The over 3000 photos were picked up from the total 10 thousands. And each of these photos has its own unique story and can reflect something, for instance, the blaze of humanity and wisdom of life. When reading it, one can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of China but also can benefit from the sprits included in it.

The author’s Blog is very popular on the Internet with total clicks of more than 3 million. One of the netizens says like that,“touched by Agang’s work very much, I plan to share it with my wife and children.”…So many readers recall their old lives when reading Agang’s work. They are touched by those past feelings a lot.

There are three books in all with big 12k, the color printing as well as 612 Coated Paper, this book is bound very well. And with Chinese and English versions together, it can be well understood by Chinese and foreigners. So it can be a book for permanent collection and repeat reading. This book records a lot of information about the history and culture of China from 2006 to 2007. From the pre-photographing to the last publication, it spent 3 years to finish the book. With the large scope of its filming and the great amount of information it contains, this book is unprecedented. These elements will become more and more precious with the time passing by.

——Discover China by Agang


  1. China is a very beautiful place although I have unfortunately not been there to see it myself, only in books and pictures. I love the culture and food.

  2. We have 56 ethnic groups, so there are many different types of Chinese food, mainly eight famous cuisines. Each type has it's unique taste. What kind do you like best?
    Well, I'm not an expert in cultural, but I would post some photos about it sometime if possible.