Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Blog Award & My Nominations


It was awarded by Nishant Nischal. I am so surprised to get this and please allow me to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Moreover, I would say thank you to all people who visit my blog, follow my blog and leave their comments! I tried to start this English blog in Dec. 2008 to practice my English and sharing my photos, but I know nobody in this English blogging world at first. Easyparadise might have been devastated for a long time but for your supports. Now blogging has become a part of my life, I have learned a lot from it and made plenty of friends all over the world. Please continue supporting me, I will show you more! Nishant, I love your photos and your country so much. Thanks for sharing them! I’m hoping more of your masterpiece! BTW, I love the little mouse in your blog and I also have put one in my space, LOL.

Nishant’s link:


1) Add the logo of the award to your blog. 2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you ( Not necessary, only if you want. ) 3) Nominate at least 5 other blogs ( Only if you want.) 4) Add links to those blogs on your blog. 5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blog to come and pick their award from your blog.


This is really a hard work because there are so many marvelous blogs I love. However, I have to make choices. The following sites are the best in my eyes.

1.) South African Photographs

A blog shows the fantastic South Africa. Lots of pictures of all kinds of creatures and plants can be find there. Joan, the blogger, is a very kind and helpful lady who has encouraged me a lot.

2.) Beetles In The Bush

This is an excellent blog of insects. The author, Ted C. MacRae, is an entomologist in Missouri. Maybe his blog is a little professional (maybe I feel that because my poor English) but full of information.

3.)A Bug's Eye View

I really really love those macro dragonfly pics!!!

4.)Butterflies of Singapore

I enjoy this one very much! It’s a place to introduce butterflies of Singapore, full of information and the pictures are prefect!

5.)Wild Light

Another blog shows the beauty of nature. I especially enjoy those snaps of tussling birds in the air!

6.)Birders Of Sabah Borneo Island

All kinds of bird from Borneo is showing. I love Borneo, I love rain forest!

7.)Sebastián Molano. Fotografía de Naturaleza

It’s not an English blog so I can’t read it. But I do enjoy the bird photos in it.


  1. Too kind Mingfei


    To allay any confusion that's my WordPress ID, is my other blog.

    All the best. Mark

  3. Mingfei!!!I loove the mouse tingy!!XD..i had a lot of fun playing..XD..and oh ya..congratulations=)

  4. Thanks for mentioning my Wild Light site, Mingfei.

    I love those tussling birds too!

  5. Hi Mingfei - thanks so much! I try to strike a balance to make things interesting for both professionals and amateurs, so I appreciate knowing that you enjoy my site.
    best regards--ted

    Wow,both of them are gorgeous! You deserve it.

  7. RE:Wind Walker...
    Thank you! I know you will like it! Don't forget to play with him when you come here, or it will feel lonely, XD!

    You can get yours at

  8. You deserved this award Mingfei, I love your blog so very much. Keep Blogging, the World is awesome, I'm sure you will earn more and more friends. :-)

  9. Well deserved award and the most delightful blog indeed!

    Congratulations Mingfei and Thank-you for sharing your lovely pictures(They're Divine:).

  10. Hello Mingfei. This is so wonderful. Thank you very, very much. I love your site too.:)

    Sorry I am so late with everything, but it has been an almost impossible week here as I am heading towards my end of the month rush at work. My days do not have enough hours in them. It seems like everything must be done all at once. :)

  11. Thanks a lot Mingfei !

    I just came back from birding trip and will be posting pictures of birds and scenery dedicated for you ok :)

    Thanks once again for choosing my site as your favirte blog

  12. RE:Rawseedling
    Thank you. I'm happy you like my photos:)

    Yes, the exploring is endless. I am a little busy (with the midterm exams)recently. Maybe I cannot update blog frenquently...
    Thank you again!

  14. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    It's okay. Sometimes I even enjoy being busy, it makes me feel that I am doing something useful instead of wasting time. No one can do everything at the same time. Step by step and don't too worry about it:)

  15. RE:Azahari Reyes @ Jason a.k.a horukuru
    You deserve it! I'm looking forward your new photographs.

  16. Yep I agree with everybody your site is excellent and I hope you post many more beautiful pictures :)

  17. RE:Philip
    Thank you. Your site is so attractive that I must have nominated it if i had known it earlier.

  18. amazing stuff thanx :)

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