Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frogs & Tadpoles in Botanical Garden

There is a stream and several ponds in the Botanical Garden. So I went there three times for aqutaic insects. Of course, I can always find different frogs and their offsprings during the exploring.

In March, a lot of eggs could be found in the stream.

I took some to my dormitory and they grow very fast. You can find tadlopes swimming after one week.

Eggs of a toad, quite different from frog’s.

One month later, masses of tadpoles appear in ponds. Every child in the garden was holding nets and cans to catch some.

I also took some to feed my dragonflies.

Toad’s tadlopes are black and abundant while frog’s are gray and only can be found in running streams.

It’s time to…

a frog found in stream

I’m not sure if it is the same species with the above one

A young toad

They hide under the stones in the stream, so you have to turn oven stones to find them

Am I beautiful ?


  1. That's so cool!!!Who knew that toad's egg looks like a long string..0.0..Mingfei rocks!!!XD...

  2. Fantastic information and pics again Mingfei. I did not know how to tell the difference between the eggs so I have learnt a lot new and interesting today. Thank you very much. :)

  3. RE:Wind Walker...
    Actually I'm not sure about that because I've never feed toads from eggs while I've tried frogs.

  4. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    You are welcome. I've tried to feed frogs from eggs, so I know that well. But I've never tried to keep toads. The information was told by my friends and I know little about them.

  5. i have heaps of frog eggs but how do i find out wat types they are
    they are tasmanian found in claremont

  6. RE:brendon
    Thank you brendon. I'm sorry but I don't know much about amphibians. I can identify these species bacause they are quite common here. Maybe you have to feed them until they grow into frogs or toads...

  7. I ignored that the eggs of toads were that different by comparison with the eggs of frogs, I think one of the slight differences is that toad's eggs are smaller and the color changes a bit.