Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Aquarium 1: Dragonflies

I went Beijing Botanic Garden and Shangzhuang Reservoir in the past four weekends. There I got some fish, shrimp and aquatic insects. Here are some dragonflies.

Date: 3/29/2008 (Beijing Botanic Garden); 4/4/2008 (Shangzhuang Reservoir)

This one was captured in Beijing Botanic Garden. It was killed by the following one the day after I got it. All dragonflies and damselflies lay eggs in water and the naiad also grow up underwater.

This one also from Botanic Garden. It’s the larva of an Anax parthenope, big and tigerish enough to kill any creature smaller than it, just like the above one.

I tried to feed it until it’s eclosion. After all it was full-grown. But it died somehow a few days ago…

This is another species of Aeshnidae from Shangzhuang Reservoir. Anax nigrofasciatus (you can find the adult’s picture in this post) maybe. It’s healthy and greedy.

Compare of two species

I got three of this from the Reservoir, but one was killed. I’ve no idea which family it belongs to.

Lots of damselflies could be found in the reservoir. They are small and fragile. Actually, I collected a lot of them only as bait for dragonflies and fish.

Another species. It probably belongs to Libellulidae. I know little about dragonflies. Does anyone could help me classify them?

“Secret session”

A poor goby…


  1. WOW!! Another fantastic post Mingfei. It seems like you spent a lot of time collecting species there. I wish I could help you with the classification but I do not know much about them myself. Maybe you can go to that site called Biodiversity which I sent you the link to and there will be more information there. Also, ask Ted at Beetles in the Bush. He is very helpfull and a very kind person.

  2. the insets sting?o.o..

  3. That's an interesting set, I haven't seen them in the water and you got some good shots, especially the last one. Aliens amongst us indeed!

  4. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    Thank you Joan. To be honest, I was not interested in classification at first, but I was deeply affected by a group of bug-crazy friends. It is interesting to know what you've found. The work is endless cause there are always species new to us if we keep exploring. Actually, I can only identify creatures roughly, but I seldom spend too much time on classifying things into family, genus or even species by myself. The identified ones here are mostly local common species that I'm familiar with. Then I post them as if I were professional, LOL!

  5. RE:Wind Walker...
    They are nightmares to the small creatures in water, but you can put it in your hands...they are so cute and naughty babies^^

  6. RE:Mark
    Thanks for your kind words!
    The pity is that a lot of people here know nothing about dragonflies' childhood. Many of my friends just kept asking me what they are and when I told them the truth they acted in surprise and doubtfully.

  7. The same thing happened to me Mingfei.:) At first I was just interested in taking photographs, but the more I saw them, the more I wanted to know what they were and now I want to know everything about them too. LOL!!

  8. Very interesting pictures and information about dragonflies larvae.