Monday, April 27, 2009

My Aquarium 3: Fish

Here are some local species in Beijing. I got them in March and April when searching aquatic insects. Unfortunately, I know little about fish,

A big fighting fish, about 6cm. Macropodus ocellatus is the only fighting fish species in Beijing. Place: Greenlake Wetland

And this is the smallest one, less than 2cm. Place: Greenlake Wetland

A golden loach (4cm) Place: Greenlake Wetland & Shangzhuang Reservoir

another bigger loach (6cm). Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

Unknown species, 5cm Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

Unknown fish, maybe it’s just a common carp, 2cm Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

A small goby, 2cm Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

A big one. It should be another species differ from the above one Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

The big goby, 6cm Place: Shangzhuang Reservoir

Another goby species (2cm) Place: Beijing Botanical Garden


  1. Thats so cool!!!I like that goby nice colours..0.0"

  2. A lovely selection Mingfei. Many years ago when my husband was still alive, we had a huge big fish tank. At night we would lay on the carpet with no lights on except for those in the tank and just watch the fish. It is most relaxing. Do you know that this is the reason they have them in places like dentist offices? Because they make you relax and forget about where you are. :)

  3. Mingfei did you catch these all yourself or did you go and buy them in a Shop ? you do have a good selection there :)

  4. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    Thank you Joan. That is a great life style! I am sorry to know your husband has passed away. Best wishes for him.

    In China it is not ususal to find aquariums in dentist offices. I know that from the cartoon Finding Nemo. No doubt it is a good way to release pain.

  5. RE:Philip
    Thank you Philip. I collected these all myself while searching aquatic insects. I have attached the information of where I got under each photos.

  6. śliczne ryby , super blog , pozdrawiam :)

  7. lo scazzone e' un pesce di acqua fredda esiste anche da noi!!!!

  8. Dear friend,
    I enjoyed your pictures, especially the ones with Macropodus ocellatus- Chinese Fighting Fish. I am looking for this hardy fish for 15 years, and I would be interested in some, if you can send them in Romania.
    Please let me know about details, if possible!

    Best wishes,

  9. RE:Fabian
    Thank you Fabian. I'm afraid I can't help you. Because it could be very camplicated if we want to export or import living creatures in China. Beside, I am just a college student. It's really unrealistic for me to do this. Hope your understanding. Maybe some pet company could offer the service.

    I am so sorry!