Saturday, October 31, 2009

Summer of 2009: Rainforest 4

Today I gonna show you the other insects I shot in the forest.

A colorful leaf beetle. 1cm

This is the largest “tortoise beetle” (Chinese name of insects of Cassididae) I’ve ever seen. I love its crystal elytron with metallic gold  pattern shining in the sunshine.

A gray young mantis on a gray rock. I would have missed it if my friend did’t pointed it to me.

A big flying cockroach finally stopped on defoliation.

This is the only walking stick insect species we found there, yet the quality is quite large in August.

A beautiful moth’s dream was interrupted by us.

To be continued


  1. Gorgeous Ming, the little tortoise beetle is very similar to a species we have her in Missouri US. The moth is gorgeous.

  2. We have the tortoise beetles here too but I have yet to find one. A lovely selection of insects Mingfei. I hope my summer is going to be as prodctive.

  3. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    Thank you Joan, I believe your summer will be a big harvest!

  4. RE:MObugs
    Thank you MObugs. We have another similar but smaller, which lives in relatively cooler places.