Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Summer of 2009: Rainforest 1

This summer I went my home: Yunnan Province, China. Yunnan is famous for its diversity of terrain, climate, ecosystem and life. During the holiday I visited some places in south and southwest of the province, where more creatures could be found. The very fisrt place I want to show you is the rainforest of the Green Water River near Manhao (Find out the location here). We have stayed there for only one day because there are no place to live. A few days later I retured with my parents again. My time is so limited today and more pictures will be posted in the following days.

The overview of the rainforest

odd tropical floras

fungi at the bottom of the forest

the fruits of some kind of fan palm

To be continued


  1. This is a beautiful place Mingfei. We have the same fungi here.

  2. OH Ming I am so jealous! What a gorgeous, serene place. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Welcome back to blogging, I've missed your lovely photos.

  3. RE:MObugs
    Thank you MObugs very much. You are lucky to own bugs that I've never seen, too!

  4. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    Yes, my favourite place on the earth is tropical rain forest, LOL!