Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Building Process of the Nest——by Google Earth

The latest Google Earth offers an interesting function, which allows us to view the previous satellite image edition. This means that you may even find out how your hometown has changed in recent years by GE. The pictures below shows the construction process of the Nest——the National Stadium, Beijing, in which the 2008 Olympic Games were hold.

Nothing was there (9/13/2003)

Still nothing (10/24/2003)

Taking up construction (4/14/2005)

In construction (5/7/2005)

In construction (8/18/2005)

In construction (4/27/2006)

the nest came out (2/9/2007)

Building finished (5/25/2008)
Preparing the opening eremony. Plaese pay attention to the scroll in the stadium (7/19/2008)
Waiting for the Olympic! (8/2/2008)


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