Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Useful Google Sites

Do you find it difficult to get a fast and permanent music link to you web pages? Or do you find it difficult to find a perfect web room to store your own music and link it to your pages? Now Google Sites can solve all your problems! Use your Google account (if you have one or just apply one) to apply a Google site, a platform to build your own website! However, you can use it just as your web disk. Upload your files, e.g. music, pictures, documents, etc. Then you will get the files' address and link them to your blog or other pages. Your friends can enjoy the music while they browse the page or download the files. The music your are listening to now is stored in my Google site. With Google's best service, you don't have to worry about the speed or unavailability. Have a try!

To apply a Google site, please visit http://sites.google.com/

Click Browse to attach a file

View properties

Get the file's address


  1. -_-! 觉得自己以前写的东西太差了 所以决定重新开始……

    Language Sorter很好搞啊 就是给每篇博文加上CN或EN的标签 然后再增加一个Link List 的模块 里面的链接地址就是CN或EN标签的地址

    Zhang Yanpeng

  2. You have beautiful photographs here Mingfei and I love the ones on the slide show too. I really enjoy seeing your insects and comparing them to those we have here in South Africa.

    Thank you for adding yourself to my followers list.