Friday, February 19, 2010

Summer of 2009: Mengding 2

Dongjing Mian Temple is the biggest temple in Mengding. Unlike Guangyun Mian Temple, Dongjing is totally a Dai-styled temple without any Han characteristic. So you won't find gold dragons or stone lions.

On the top of the mountain locates a beautiful white tower.

Then we went to a village to visit some of my uncle's old friends. Now it's the harvest time. You can see dozens of garlic and heaped-up corns. Mengding is a perfect field, warm and moist, to grow all kinds of crops. Every people here enjoy their simple but plenty lives.

People in another village had built their new houses, but they still keep some old elements. Those people might hang these strange objects on the string near the gate to ward off evil.

Typical Day-styled dressing. People usually put the knife that used to carve rubber trees in the small basket.

Another temple in the village. There are at least one temple in almost every village in Mengding.



  1. That tower is stunning Mingfei. Harvest time is always busy in the villages and it looks like they had a good one this year. There are many of the old traditions which I think should never die out. I think our pace in life is much to modern and hectic. In the old days, there was a time and a place for everything so people never had things like heart attacks and ulcers as they do now.

    Love the last pic of the kitty. :)

  2. The white tower is beautiful! Thanks for writing me back about the question I had. Please look and see my response on the post "Not Pink?" How were your New Year's celebrations? My son had nine days off! How about you?

  3. RE:jeannette stgermain
    You are welcome. I've got your new email adress. Generally people have 7-9 days off, and students have the whole winter holiday. But I had only two weeks off because of the German course. I went back to my hometown and went to my grandparents' home. There I met a lot of uncles, aunts, cousins and of course my grandparents. We had a big meal in the New Year's Eve and let off fireworks. It is traditional that elders give some money to kids. In the following days we just hung around in the town to find what interesting things there were. Any way it is a time for us to get together and bless each other.

  4. Mingfei!!!the corns are just amazing!!!I mean look at it!!it's really cool!!!

  5. RE:Wind Walker...
    Thank you! Glad to see you again!

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