Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer of 2009: The Tiankeng And Rock Painting

One thing that makes the Wa Nationality culture famous is the rock painting discoverd in 1965. More than 3,000 years’ history makes it one of the most historical rock paintings of China.

A Wa-styled village. The art works are hidden in the cliff mountains behind it.

At the top of the mountain, there is a huge Tiankeng. Tiankeng refers to an extremely large and deep hole that only can be formed in karstis area when certain contiditions are satisfied. The word “Tiankeng” is actually from Chinese because the spectacles were firstly and intensively found in China.

Humans are hard to reach Tiankeng, so it is a relatively closed environment. A lot of unique and precious species are being saved in it. The trees in the picture are Caryota urens L.

Unknown plant on the mountain

Fungi on a old tree. Looks like something edible.

At last we found the painted rock in the jungle. Actually most paintings are difficult to identify. This one has been repainted. The paintings are about ancient Wa people’s daily life, e.g. grazing, war, hunting etc.

A restless butterfly (Zemeros flegyas)


  1. I love that butterfly!!=)..I wanna ask do you know all the insects name??

  2. RE:Wind Walker...
    When I look at different kinds of butterflies' pictures in handbooks, the images of those attractive species impress me deeply. So I can recognize these species quickly. Sometimes my friends who have gone searching with me and have viewed my photos will tell me what species they are if they know. Before I post them here, I'll find out their Latin scientific names base on their Chinese name that I usually have memorized.

  3. Love that Wa styled village, Mingfei! Do you have any idea how old the writings on the rocks are?

  4. You are making me quite jealous Mingfei. This is and outstanding place and I would love to roam around there. :)

    What I find amazing here is that those rock paintings are so similar to ones found here. They also drew the figues like this. Maybe we are counsins. :)

  5. RE:jeannette stgermain
    It is said they were painted there in the late Neolithic Period, about 3000 years ago!

  6. RE:SAPhotographs (Joan)
    Joan, you're right! It is absolutely a perfect place to visit.
    LOL, that sounds interesting! Look forward for your photos of those paintings in SA.